Gastronomía del mundo moderno en donde el cuchillo no conoce a su dueño



Restaurateur Peter Gordon's latest culinary foray Bellota has a distinctly Argentinian twist....

When Mariano Ramon walked into dine, Peter Gordon's restaurant, little did he know he would ''fit like a glove''. Peter Gordon describes the Argentinian of Spanish descent as ''a godsend''.

He says Mariano walked into dine looking for a job when Bellota, Gordon's new Spanish tapas bar, was being planned. Gordon says, ''We were going to look for someone, but he found us, instead.'' The new bar, which opens this month, will be located on Federal St opposite the Sky City Grand Hotel. Bellota, aims to be the most authentic Spanish tapas bar, featuring a comprehensive range of premium Spanish and European wines to complement the variety of appetisers on the menu. Mariano, who trained and worked in Spain at Michelin Star restaurants such as La Broche and ArzaK, has been actively involved in the planning of Bellota's menu. ''All of us have heard of Peter Gordon in Argentina. But I never dreamt that I would be working for him. I feel very lucky,'' he says. At 25, Mariano can't contain his excitement about running his own kitchen. The head chef says, ''We have been working around the clock testing the menu ? it's been a fulltime job.'' Despite his hectic schedule Mariano finds time to play soccer.
A member of a local team, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, he says he's considered a good player now that he lives in NZ. He says he's like every Argentinian who aspires to be a footballer. In reality, however, he says, ''I wanted to, but my body didn't.'' Besides soccer, Mariano, who's an avid walker, travels around the country every chance he gets. ''New Zealand is such a safe, beautiful country and everything is very well set up for tourists.'' Mariano says he couldn't be happier, especially considering it's just a year since he hopped on a plane to brave the unknown.

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